What Is A Cover Letter Sample For Purchasing?


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A cover letter is a letter attached with your CV while you are applying for a job advertised or sending an application to inquire any opening for a job related to a particular field. A cover letter is a great way to influence employers, it may comprise of your underlying talents, experiences and skills not mentioned in the CV to attract the employer as well as the compensation and benefits expected of him.
SAMPLE - cover letter purchasing
Please find my resume attached to be considered for the position of Purchasing Manager.
My qualification not only matches the advertised criteria, I also have background of diverse assignments of purchasing within the organizations which has given me skills to be a profitable contributor in number of functional areas.
I am expecting compensation in the range of $90k.
Please feel free to contact me at the above phone or email.
Yours Truly,
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Certainly the person who answered this question is not a recruiter or works in the purchasing field.  The above letter is too generic & will certainly not impress nor get a person the job.  It lacks detail and has no pizzazz.  
Address the company's main concerns first (explain to them how you can do this job) then if you'd like, state that your letter w/ resume is in response to their ad.  
NEVER NEVER address a letter stating Dear Sir.  It will offend all female recipients.  NEVER NEVER NEVER include salary requirements unless it is absolutely necessary or you will be discounted without it.  
Be creative.  Don't use the cookie cutter template that was offered to you.
Good luck to you.

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