What Was The Book "The Client" By John Grisham All About?


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The Client was a book written by John Grisham in the year 1992; it was his fourth book. Soon afterwards it was made into a film like most of his previous work. The film was released in the year 1993.

The plot of the story had two young boys, both brothers, Mark and Ricky Sway witness the suicide of a lawyer connected to the Mafia. The lawyer is Jerome Clifford and the person he is related to is Barry Muldone or the "the blade" Mulkdanno. At first the boys prevent him from suffocating himself and he pulls the elder one in and informs him of where the body of a US senator is buried. The US senator is one Boyd Boyette. The Mafia has buried the senator and is looking to hide the body; the FBI wants to find the body and the elder of the two little boys wants to protect his family.

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