What Is The Book "The Song Of The King" All About?


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The book "The Song of the King" is an outstanding book penned by Max Lucado. This book was in print in the year 1995 and it was published by Crossway. There are many other books written by this author some of which include God's Inspirational Promises, The Greatest Moments, He Chose the Nails, Grace for the Moment, Safe in the Shepherd's Arms, If I Only Had a Green Nose, It's Not About Me, Webster The Scaredy Spider and many other books. Max Lucado has always been known for the books related to Christianity.

This book is about three knights who have decided to reach the king's castle. The journey to the castle is very dangerous. Only one of the three knights manages to fulfil the aim. The one who succeeds to reach the castle was a wise man who carefully listened to the song of the king and understood the message.

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