How Would You Audit The Sales Book And Sale Return Book?


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Verify entries from outward invoices as to date, name of customer, amount and analysis (if any). Check posting to debits of personal account of customers. Check additional of sales book. Check posting of periodical totals to the credits of sales account. See that no sale invoices is omitted to be entered. Verify that cancellation of any sale invoice is duly authenticated. Make the list of outward invoices missing if any.

Take care of any unusual discount or allowance, if any deduction. See that all sales as consignee are not included. See that all sale invoices are signed by some authorized person. Verify that all sale invoices are serially numbered and their numbers are shown against their respective entries in the sales book. See that goods out on sale or return are entered only after approval by customers.

Check entries from the credit notes according date, name of account and amount. Check postings to credit of personal accounts of customers. Check postings of periodical totals to debt of returns inwards accounts. Check additions. Any unduly heavy return should be enquired into. List should be made of all the missing credit notes.

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