What Was The Novel "A Time To Die" By Wilbur Smith All About?


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A Time To Die is a 1989 novel by the bestselling writer Wilbur Smith. It was written before the book Golden Fox but came to be the last novel in the Second Sequence of books that centered on the Courtney family. The book is a kind of romance action novel with the rescue of the kidnapped damsel in distress Claudia as the primary plot. The hero Sean Courtney is required to steal a shipment of the dreaded stinger missiles and hand them over to the Renamo Rebels. They are fighting the Frelimo government backed by a fleat of newly acquired formidable hind helicopters that stands in his way.

The Stingers were, as was proved in Afghanistan, the bane of the Mi-24 Hind and it was obvious in the novel that it was only these helicopters that were keeping the revolutionaries in check.

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