What is the Roverandom novel by JRR Tolkien about?


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Roverandom is a fantasy novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien, and was first orally told in 1925 to divert his son, Michael’s, interest after he had lost his beloved toy, a little dog made of lead. The story is created primarily for children's interest, though it contains several citations and references similar to that of Farmer Giles of Ham, Tolkien's 1937 fantasy novel.

In 1937, Roverandom was issued for publication following The Hobbit's success, a fantasy novel for children, too. However, the book was not able to be published for more than 60 years until 1998.

Summary of the Roverandom plot Roverandom tells the story of Rover, a young playful dog who mistakenly bites a passing old man and scared him off the way. Unfortunately, the old man turned out to be Artaxerxes, a vigorous wizard from Persia who turns Rover into a small toy dog.

Since then, Rover experiences chains of various adventures. He was displayed on the store and bought by a little boy, who eventually left him on the beach. Another wizard saves him, and soon after, he finds himself travelling into the moon, wherein he bumps into the man-in-the-moon, a fairly kind but busy man, in addition to being absent minded sometimes.

Rover also explores the ocean's core to find the forgetful wizard who cast him the spell. In the core of the ocean he meets the mermaids who happily help him finds his way in search for Artaxerxes. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien is a University Professor, English philologist, poet and writer. He was notably acclaimed for his classic high-valued fantasy works.

Roverandom was Tolkien's short novel first published in paperback.

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