How To Write An Emergency Leave Letter?


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Writing an emergency leave letter is a rather simple task, as the format of the letter is very basic. The best way is to get straight to the point. The reason for the emergency leave must be clearly stated, although you must keep the tone professional, to follow workplace protocol.

At the top of the letter, put the date the letter was written, the recipient of the letter (normally your boss), your name and position in the company, and then the subject line - the reason for the emergency leave.

For the main part of the letter, you must explain the reason for your leave. It has to be a valid reason, otherwise your employer will not warrant letting you leave. Following this, state the number of days you need to be away - your employer needs to know how long you'll be absent for. You should also be sure of the date you expect to return.

To allow your employer to keep business running smoothly, it would be helpful to let them know what areas of your work will be affected in your absence. If you manage certain accounts, let them know which accounts they are. If you have appointments you cannot make, let him know the clients, so they/you can reschedule the meetings. Otherwise, you can arrange for a colleague to take over your work while you are away.

To end the letter, you should thank your employer for their understanding of the situation. Attach some contact information, just in case. Sign your name, and finish the letter with your name in capitals, underneath your signature.

There is a rather good example of the layout of a letter, which you can find here.
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You should open with a simple explanation of what the emergency is - eg sudden illness in the family - and then in the second paragraph say what you want, eg immediate leave, from next week or whatever. It's polite to say something about being sorry for the inconvenience, although of course it isn't actually your fault. You can see a sample letterhere.

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