How To Write Leave Letter After Taking Leave Without Informing?


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Dear Boss,
I tender my resignation knowing that you will sack me for taking leave without informing you.

Dear Boss,
This is to inform you that I have been away on leave. I am very upset you did not notice I had gone and think someone is now sitting in my place at work.

Dear Boss,
I could not stand working for your company any longer so took myself off.

Dear Boss,
Did you receive my Wish You Were Here holiday card.

Bosses Reply
We do not notice when you are here as you did not contribute anything to the company. We were looking for a way of sacking you. Yes, we received your card and are using it as evidence.

You are our weakest link! Goodbye - and thank you.
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Dear Boss,

It appears that my letter requesting leave became mislaid in the internal mail. I do apologise for any inconvenience my absence may have caused, and I trust that you will believe this lie as readily as you have believed all the others. When you come in to the office tomorrow morning, you will find the original letter down the back of your filing cabinet, where the mailgirl must have accidentally dropped it.

I remain,

Your humble and odedient servant,

The Great Deceiver.

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