Were Can I Read Free Erin Hunter Books?


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The best place to find Erin Hunter’s books for free is in your school or community library!

Free Erin Hunter Books Online Although it’s possible to download Erin Hunter’s books for free on some websites, you don’t want to do this – it’s illegal, and you could get in a lot of trouble! Not only that, but you’re stopping Erin Hunter from making any money.

Borrowing Erin Hunter Books
Most libraries will have Erin Hunter’s books in the Young Adult category, but if you can’t find them, ask the librarian. Alternatively, you could try asking your friends to see if any of them have the books.

Buying Cheap Erin Hunter Books I think the best place to look for cheap Erin Hunter books is probably on eBay or Amazon. Kindle books tend to be cheaper than paper books, and if they're still too expensive, try Amazon Marketplace for pre-owned Erin Hunter novels.

About Erin Hunter Erin Hunter is actually a pseudonym used by a group of writers: Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Tui Sutherland. They write the Warriors and Seekers books together, with Victoria Holmes overseeing and directing the work of the others.

There are around fifty books in the Warriors series and twelve in the Seekers series.
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The only place in the world to do that is...the library. If not there, then you can get an AWESOME deal on eBay. I bought one for 99 cents brand new!

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