Where Can I Read Triple Crown Books For Free?


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You can read Triple Crown Books for  free by going to the library and taking them out (if they are carried by a local library), or by downloading them illegally from Internet file sharing websites. Of course, when you use an illegal file share, you are depriving a talented and hard-working author (and their publisher) of the royalties they deserve, as well as committing an offence.

Books are labors of love, and authors do deserve to get paid for what they produce. However, many people today prefer to save a few dollars by using illegal sharing sites that violate the copyrights of authors and their publishers.

There are two types of Triple Crown books available for purchase (and possibly through illegal file-share) on the Internet:

  • The first type of books are published by Triple Crown, and they are quite erotic.. These e-books may feature sexual scenes that are quite intense, and crude language will be commonplace, as sex acts are described in detail.

  • The other type of Triple Crown books are written about the Kentucky Derby and its surrounding subculture. These books will be more family-friendly, and they will be written by a variety of different authors (through different publishers). Before you download a Triple Crown books from an illegal file share site, be certain that you know exactly what you're going to get. 
In general, Triple Crown books that you buy legally will not be very expensive; they may also have superior formatting and editing. With illegal file shares, it's never possible to know exactly what you are downloading to your computer. Certain files may even be embedded with nasty computer viruses, such as Trojan Worms.

It's always safer to buy a book legally, and it rewards the author for his or her hard work. Look for free samples of Triple Crown books that you can enjoy on websites like the Amazon Kindle Store and Google books - then, make a decision about how to download the novel.

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