Where Can I Read Zane Books For Free?


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Stories by erotic novelist Zane are available here for free.

There are several short stories featured on this site, including The Seduction, The Barbershop, The Airport, and Nervous.

What Else Has Zane Written?
  • Zane's sex manuals, ranging from The Art of Masturbation to Sex Games from A to Z.
  • Larger novels such as Love is Never Painless and Purple Panties (also available on Zane's website).
You can also check out the links section on the official website for excerpts of Zane's work and 'Real Life Experiences' for further reading. For entertainment and guidance, read the section Zane's Advice - funny, frank and fantastic!

Where Else Can I Read Zane's Work?
  • Another way to read Zane stories for free is to visit her blog. This is full of entertaining and interesting sex advice, as well as news and competitions.
  • You can also buy online at Amazon - some stories are even available for Kindle, for those of you who'd rather read more discreetly!
  • Zane's short story collection is available as a Smartphone app under the title Zane's Sex Chronicles. This is completely free for iPhone and Android! Also available for free on Palm OS, Mac, Windows Mobile, iPad, iPhone and Windows is Getting Buck Wild: Sex Chronicles II.
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You can go to her website There are some short stories there and also it may be possible by using the online books search engines. However if copies have not been placed it's unlikely that your search will prove successful.

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At the library of course (just make sure you get the books in on time)! Or if you feel like a day out of the house- you can head to a bookstore and stay there for HOURS! Happy reading!

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