Where Can I Read Tamora Pierce's Books For Free?


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The best way to read Tamora Pierce’s books for free is by visiting your local library, or by borrowing them from a friend.

Free Tamora Pierce Books Online Although some sites may have Pierce’s books available for free download, you need to be careful – this is illegal, as the eBooks will have been pirated. Not only could you get in trouble with the law, but you’re stopping Tamora Pierce from making any money!

Pre-owned Tamora Pierce Books If you don’t want to buy Tamora Pierce books new because the price is an issue, you could always try to find them pre-owned. Both Amazon Marketplace and eBay are bound to have really cheap second-hand copies – you might even be able to buy them for under a dollar!

About Tamora Pierce Tamora Pierce is a Pennsylvanian author who writes fantasy for young adults. She has written two major book series - The Tortall Universe and The Circle Universe -  with five books in each and more to come.

Pierce has also written several short stories and a comic book series for Marvel, which is called White Tiger.
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I checked out almost all of mine from the school library, and they had the rest at the public library.
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Uh, No.
In Google, if a book is still in copyright, it will have a link where you will have to purchase the thing.

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