Where Can I Read Christine Feehan's Books Online For Free?


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Some of Christine Feehan's books can be read online for free on websites such as  A selected few books are available for online reading, while others need to be purchased through a membership for the website. Alternatively Feehan's books can be bought in paperback form online and in bookstores or the e-book versions can be bought online and downloaded onto an e-reader device.

Christine Feehan is best described as a romance paranormal writer. She currently has over 26 novels published including five series and a number of novellas. Her most famous series, the Dark Series, is based around the ancient race of the Carpathians. This powerful race has the ability to shape shift and can live for thousands of years. They feed on human blood but as they never kill their prey they can live undetected amongst the human race for years.

Within the past few centuries of the race there have been few children born and the Carpathians are facing extinction. For 500 years only male Carpathians have been born. Males often only survive for a year and when they do not have a female life mate they cannot see in color and they lose their ability to feel any emotions. This leads to them only having the focus of killing. If they are reunited with female Carpathians, their vision is restored to colour and their souls are saved. The series follows this race and is made up of 22 books. Feehan has also produced the Drake Sisters Series, the Sisters of Hearts series, the Ghostwalker series and the Leopard series.

Christine Feehan has won multiple paranormal romance PEARL awards and the 2004 RIO Award of Excellence. Her writing has also won her two Golden Leaf Awards and a Career Achievement Award for Contemporary New Reality, given to her by Romantic Times Magazine.

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