Where Can I Read Free Books Online By Wahida Clark?


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Cormac Reynolds answered
To read the books of Wahinda Clarke online you will have to hope that they are out of copyright. This will mean that they are to be seen n a wide range of the web.
The Guttenberg project is a site that holds many books that have ran out of copyright and may be a good place to start.
Onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/ is also a good place to get books for free. If you cannot find it on either of these sites it is sure to be for sale on amazon.com or you may be able to get it in your local library.
It is a lot better to get books in this way as the author or the artist gets the money that belongs to them for the work that they have created. For many people such things are their livelihood and infringement of copyright will mean they do not get paid for what they do.
This leads to less people wanting to devote their time to creating these great works of art and less great works of art being created as an effect of this. This all leads to a number of problems for society and the literary world in the longer term.
Getting free artistic works and not having to pay for copyright can be great but it costs artistic communities in the long term.
Books do not cost a large amount of money relative to the time you spend reading them and the enjoyment you get from them and so they should be purchased for a price and not just taken off the Internet.

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