How U Write A Statement Letter Stating Someone Living With You?


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Did you mean: "How do I write a letter on behalf of somebody living with me?"
When writing letters on behalf of somebody else, it is always best to state this as early as possible so that the recipient understands the letter fully and is under no false pretence. This also makes writing the letter much easier as the reader understands the situation and will not be confused by any errors in the tense. For example, start your letter in this style:

Dear Mr Smith,

I'm writing on behalf of my housemate/partner, Mr J Bloggs, regarding the results of the meeting last Friday.
You can then talk as the person whom the letter is on behalf of: "I believeā€¦", or as yourself: "My partner believesā€¦". This can be done without any confusion as long as you are consistent throughout the letter. 
A statement letter is similar to a character reference. When writing a statement letter it is always extremely important that you think carefully about your wording and exactly what you write.
It is possible you could end up in court for defamation if you write that the subject has been involved in certain activities and you are not later able to prove that this is true in a court of law. This is also true if you insinuate that a person has done something without actually saying it. If the statement letter will be used as part of some evidence in some sort of court hearing, it is again important that everything you write is 100% accurate and can be proved in court.
In general, the best policy is to be honest, but do not mention anything specific that could possibly be questioned if you do not have evidence.

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