Who Wrote "The Cosmic Power Within You" And "The Miracle Of Mind Dynamics"?


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These books are written by the John Murphy, who was a man who lived from 1898 to 1981. Murphy was educated in England and Ireland and was both a teacher and an author. He held a doctorate and a doctor of divination.

He studied the major religions of the world and found his own ways to tap into their benefits. He was director of the Divine Science centre in Los Angeles. He lived in California from 1976 till his passing or 'transition' as his followers called it in 1981

Dr Murphy often lectured to thousands and this was increased by a daily radio programme. Murphy used scientific explanations as to how the subconscious could be used to heal.

Doctor Murphy wrote many books including:

-The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind
-The Miracle of Mind Dynamics
-Your Infinite Power to Be Rich
-Secrets of the I-Ching
-The Cosmic Power Within You
-The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
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These books were written by Joseph Murphy, not John Murphy. I have read most of them.

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