What Should Be Kept In Mind While Designing A Flyer?


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• Keep readers in mind:
Highlight benefits not features. No one is interested in knowing about the long history of the company. They want to know what the product is and how that product will help to make their life easier. So try to give information about the product not about the company.

• Use colored or textured paper:
Select the paper that will be noticeable among other flyers but have a professional look. Bright colors should not be used try to use such colors that make flyer delicate and attractive.

• Blank space:
Make the flyer easy and attractive for potential customers so that they keep on reading.

• Eye-catching photo:
Include a large, colorful photo in the top one third of the flyer. If company is promoting a product then place a pleasing photo of the product. If company is promoting their service then include company's owner's photo.

• Make it easy:
Contact information should be noticeable. Include telephone number, address and email address clearly on the flyer.

• Give incentive:
Give potential customers an incentive that if they call with in next 3 days they will receive a discount. Very few businesses take full benefit of this technique.

• Flyer distribution:
keep in mind the distribution of flyer while making the flyer like Place the flyer on every bulletin board. Give them to people sitting in cars or give them out on busy areas.
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Flyers can be designed by using any designing tool (Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw). Flyers are widely used type to of advertising. It is considered the cheep and affective advertising. The flyers are used almost all over the world for advertising. Following are the designing considerations.

Target People:
The persons who will read / see your flyer are your target. While designing the flyer their education level, experience, age and likes should be kept in mind. If you not able to focus on the target people then your efforts may be useless.

Color Scheme:
The color scheme should be attractive. The text and other objects should be appealing in appearance. The color scheme should be selected according to the target people.

Paper and Printing Quality:
The quality of the paper should be good. A good design and good idea with good color scheme may be unfruitful if the paper quality is poor. Good printing quality is also the main factor to consider.

Selection of Tool:
The tool to design the flyer will play an important role. The expertise of the designers and the requirements of the design are the things to consider while select a tool. All tool have different effects and different facilities.

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