What Points Should Be Kept In Mind While Writing Business Promotion Letters?


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While writing business promotion letters the following things need to be kept in mind. Your letter should first of all capture the consumers' attention. There are many letters which are full of technical jargon, pompous claims and they don't understand the customers' requirement. So the first thing your letter should do is to catch the consumer's attention.

The next step is to get the reader interested in your product. If the consumer is hooked then only will he proceed to read the letter further. Try to keep his attention and maintain interest by clearly and interestingly putting in your offer.

The next step is to make a demand. Let the consumer know what services you are providing, how he will benefit from it. If you provide consultation how he will be helped, if you are selling a product how it will make his life better.

After you have put in your demand and told him what he will gain by availing your services tell him what action he needs to take. What is required of him? How should he send you the documents, paperwork and the various financial details?

If the above steps are followed a good business promotion letter can be written and you should be able to market your product well.
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Business promotion letters have almost as many uses as there are opportunities to create good business relations. The majority of these uses fall into four major categories, which are discussed below:

Maintaining Contacts with Customers:
In order to promote business, the contact is of great importance. In business promotion letters the correspondent may announce the arrival of seasonal goods, describe new services, suggest the opening of credit accounts, offer the advantage of private sales (special sales) or send birthday and other personal greetings

Awakening Inactive Accounts:
Sometimes our sales are on decline because some customers stop buying the products of a company. Some customers are enticed away by competition, still others are dissatisfied with the goods or services. These letters are written to activate these accounts. These letters may be used to offer mail-order service. Such letters may be used to invite former customers to tell why they have stopped buying and to offer to correct the cause of any grievance. These letters may also be employed to announce special merchandise or special service in order to entice and attract the customers back in to the fold.

Welcoming New Customers:
There is no doubt that old customers are helpful in maintaining the business while new customers are helpful in promoting the business. When a new customer makes his first purchase, it is a good opportunity to build goodwill. A letter saying "thank you" may be written to the customer. The customer may be assured of better service in future.

Inviting Business from New Sources:
The writer of business promotion letters should always tap new sources of promoting the business. For this purpose, he may welcome a new resident to the community, offer good wishes to a new business establishment, congratulate a winner of honors, announce a new service or suggest a way of solving a personal a personal or business problem.

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