What Is A Congratulation Letter, Thank-You Letter, Application Letter (Business)?


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Well congratulatete simple means you are congratulatete come body on his new job. Or his new business or you are wished that people well in marriage or any thing that people is doing, or you are congratulatete some body on this new appountment or job well done, or wished him or she in marriages or wished him or she success in life. Or some body help and you said thank to the people that is congratulatete you are imprecise that people to keep it up.or some important function.either in church or in school or in office or where you are worlker. The are some many way to congratulate some body thank you some much for th time bye,
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A congratulation letter is written to congratulate someone on his success or on some important function. A thanking letter is written to thank some body as a gratitude and an application letter is written to give application for some post.

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