What Points Should Be Kept In Mind While Drafting Adjustment Letters?


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Send a reply to a complaint letter promptly. Delay in replying to a complaint. A prompt reply makes the customer feel that the company is considerate of his interests and anxious to settle the complaint. Sometimes, an investigation may be necessary before an adjustment may be made. Even then the complaint should be immediately acknowledged with a promise of an adjustment to follow as soon as possible.

Analyze the complaint when it is received. We should see whether the complaint is correct and justified or not. If the complaint is unreasonable, we should point this out politely and in an agreeable manner. If the complaint is genuine, we should admit it readily. We should take steps immediately to make god the loss or the damage incurred. We should not attempt to reach a compromise. Thank the customer, express regret and promise to put matters right.

Take each request seriously. The letter should express the sincerity of the writer. Even the smallest claim is very important for the customer. What may seem to the company a trifle, it may be mountainous in significance to the customer. Try your best to satisfy the customer as far as conveniently possible in the light of justice both to the customer and the company.

If you find that the complaint requires investigation on the spot because of its alleged inferior quality or some other such reasons, send your technical man or experienced salesman at once to attend to it personally and investigate its reason. If it is found that the product has been wrongly used, this can be brought to the notice of the customer.

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