Where Can I Find Examples Of A Letter About A Person's Character?


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The science of handwriting analysis reveals a significant amount about a person's character. The slants, the size of the letters, the spacing between letters, the spacing between words, the strokes, the pressure applied with the pen or any writing object, doodles that you draw when you are bored, your signature etc, reveals a lot about your subconscious personal traits.

Every letter tends to have some amount of meaning and the way it is written also shows how he perceives himself and how the world perceives him. For instance the letter I (in capital) reveals the self-image or the ego factor about a person. It indicates the male or female influence on him and how he wants the world to perceive him. The patterns that you create while writing reveal your hidden desires, fears, strengths, libido, attitudes, state of mind and many more things. Of course, it may not reveal your sex, your age and your domicile. For instance, in letters like g and y, a large rounded loop reveals your friendliness, and an upward swing to final stroke reveals your optimism. You can find more such examples and information if you write "handwriting analysis" and do a Google search.

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