Where Can I Find A Revenge Letter?


2 Answers

Aisha Profile
Aisha answered
There is no such thing as a revenge letter. You can different practical ideas to take your revenge but a revenge letter seems very childish. However, if you are intent on writing one, you can write anything you want including abuses. Because after all you want to take revenge. But if you follow my advise try these practical and funny revenge ideas.
Brenda Harrell Profile
Brenda Harrell answered
Hi, don't you have a better way to spend your time. To really write a good revenge letter is not to write one at all. It can cause you more problems than you could ever dream of. It can be used in court as a harassment letter which can cause you jail time or money, if charges are brought against you. Think about what you are getting your self in for. Sometimes, the best way to handle life's little disappointments is to do nothing and focus of something else positive. Take care!

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