need a blank page to type a letter,where can I find this?


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If you don't have Microsoft Word (which is understandable, it's expensive), you can always use free word processors either online or through free installation. Some of my favorites include Google Docs, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and AbiWord. These are all similarly formatted to MS Word with things like spell check and they allow you to change fonts, indentations, and spacing. You can also save their documents as .doc or .docx files so then others can open it on MS Word. I believe most of them also allow you to save your documents as pdf files which is pretty neat if that is another concern of yours.

If you don't have continuous internet access and/or don't want to download/install stuff, you also can use Notepad that is built into PCs or Pages if you have a Mac. The downside is that they typically don't have spell check and you can't change fonts, indentations, and spacing as easily. But if that isn't a problem for you, then those are great alternatives too.

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