Where Can I Find A Family Reunion Welcome Letter For Free?


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Sample family reunion letters can be found on the Internet by conducting a simple Google search. But the best thing to do is to write your own family reunion welcome letter as this will show that you have put effort and feeling into it. You can also make it more personal.

Below are some instructions on how to write a good family reunion welcome letter.

• Start your letter with a friendly opening. Examples of this could be a pluralized family e.g. "Welcome Smiths!", "Dear All", or "Welcome to the Smith family's annual reunion!" The overall tone of your letter should be light and informal. This will help to create a fun atmosphere.
• The first paragraph of your letter should be caring by making sure that all members of your family have arrived at their accommodation safely and that they are happy with their rooms. Inform them where the best restaurants or cafes are if they are a little hungry. Let your guests know where your family's "base camp" is going to be e.g. The hotel front desk or outside the hotel's cafe.
• Your next paragraph should include useful information such as a little bit about the area where you are staying and a prediction of the weather that is expected for that area.
• Let your family members know a time and place that you are going to meet. Suggest that they relax first, freshen up with a shower, take a refreshing nap or grab a bite to eat and a drink, and then you will all meet up and what you are going to do after.
• Include a brief itinerary in your letter. Don't give them a list of things to do. Just provide a list of the activities that are available at the hotel or the surrounding area. Obviously the family will do certain activities together (identify these) but stress that members can do their own thing on occasion.
• Finish off with a friendly goodbye, express your gratitude that they could come and say you look forward to seeing them later.

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