Where Can I Find A Free Instruction Manual For A Kenmore Sewing Machine Model Number158.17850?


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I'm afraid there aren't any free online instruction manuals for this particular model; however, you can search through the website and see if one is available to purchase. Check the model number, which is usually located on the back of the machinealthough it may be placed to the left of the selector regarding the stitch width, or underneath the machine bed if it is detachable.

If you are unable to retrieve an instruction manual then you should follow these steps on how to thread a bobbin. The first thing you need to do is to slide the extension table to the left in order to remove it and then flip the shuttle cover down towards you. Once the shuttle cover is opened, you should turn the hand wheel towards you which will raise the needle to its highest position. After that, remove the bobbin case from the shuttle by pulling it and releasing the latch. Get some fresh thread and wind the bobbin by sliding it into the case while running the thread clockwise. Then, pull the thread through the slot and then underneath the tension spring, leaving you with around 4 inches of slack left.

Proceed by positioning the case into the shuttle and then release it to let it lock itself into place. You may have to slide the case along a spindle and align it with the groove before you can release the latch, but it will depend on your model. Then, raise the presser foot and hold the thread loosely while cranking the hand wheel slowly in order for the needle to go into the throat plate. Tug on the thread you're holding and pick up the thread from the bobbin. Pull them both to the back of the presser foot and lower.
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Free manual for sears sewing machine Model #158.16540 Serial #018563.  Thanks
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Free manual for kenmore 38516221300
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Yes you are right, you can't find free manual anywhere online. However, I can give you a website where you can download the desired manual.
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