What Makes Harry Potter Books So Addictive?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
There are lots of reasons why the Harry Potter books are so addictive!

Detailed World
J. K. Rowling has put so much detail into the world – from Chocolate Frog cards to the game of Quidditch. All this information, although not crucial to the plot, helps to build a really clear picture of the wizarding world.  J. K. Rowling really does have an incredible imagination.

The characters are also really detailed – we know so much about them and their histories, and there are lots of characters for the reader to identify and empathise with. Even the minor characters are given rich, detailed stories and personalities.

Read From A Young Age
Lots of people read the Harry Potter books when they were growing up, and so they look back at them with a certain fondness.

The Fantasy Genre
I’ve always thought that there’s something particularly special about fantasy books – they’re a lot of fun to read, and reading them is a great way to escape into another world.

Plot And Story
Although the plot is pretty straightforward, the story is so well fleshed-out that it holds your interest, even when nothing of any great importance is happening.

Everybody Secretly Wants To Go To Hogwarts!

Communicating by owl, sneaking around at night under an invisibility cloak, eating Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans...come on, how can anybody say that doesn't sound like fun?!
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For one, it's Harry Potter. Second, the plots amazing. Third, it's all fantasy adventure. If someone tells me they haven't heard or read anything about Harry Potter, then you are not from this universe. I believe aliens know about it more than we think. =)
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Because so many young children want to be seen as a heroic figure, in a romantic way, saving the world.
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For the main characters: Harry, Hermione and Ron, and for all the exciting stories, plot-lines and narratives.

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