What's your favourite Harry Potter book and/or film?


4 Answers

Lia Tan Profile
Lia Tan answered

I'd have to say the fourth and fifth for the book and the fourth and the second part of the seventh for the movie. Don't ask me why I like those because I don't really know for sure. I simply enjoyed reading/watching those books/movies more than all the others.

Sala Li Profile
Sala Li answered

I like one of the film is Titanic, I have seen it several times and when I see it every time, I am always exciting and feel well.

James Dean Profile
James Dean answered

I only read the first few and then got lazy and started watching the films For a children's book series I have to admit Harry Potter sucks you in. I loved that kind of stuff as a kid so this was an experience similar to reliving my childhood in many ways.

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