What Is The Colour Wheel?


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Well its like a colour pallete that painters have with them. All the rainbow colours are on it, like if you start from 1 end you get
Yellow-Green(lime colour)
Blue-Violet(royal blue)
& then again red
so if you place all these colours side by side on a wheel you'll find a symmetry,
n history has it that Sir Isaac Newton was the first one to come up with such a concept(you know the prism theory)

n since all colours combined together .....you get white light, try n make a colour wheel then spin it really fast . An d you'll get white colour, do try it
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The colour wheel is a device that helps artists to organize colours in relationship to each other. The colour wheel has three main groups of colours - primary, secondary and tertiary. By the colours' location on the wheel, it is possible to see their relationship to each other.

The primary colours are red, yellow and blue. These colours can't be made by mixing any other colours - they're originals!

The secondary colours are orange, green and violet. Each are made by mixing two of the primary colours in equal amounts.

Finally, the six tertiary colours are yellow-orange, red-orange red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, and yellow-green. These colours are created when a primary colour is mixed equally with an adjacent secondary colour on the colour wheel.

What can't be conveyed here is the visual impact of the colour wheel. It is a quick and easy way to see how colours are related and which ones will work well together. For instance, complimentary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Some pairs of complimentary colours are yellow and violet and red and green. Using complimentary colours together creates a visual vibration and energy. This is one of numerous ways to use a colour wheel.

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