What Are The Rules Of Color Wheel?


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Rule number 1- Family is always welcome.
Many colors appear great when shaded with or from the same family group as one's own like red look good when shaded with other reds tones, greens look good when shaded with other green tones. These are the many well-liked methods that are all drawn from a particular color.

Rule Number 2 - Next Door Neighbors are Friends:
Color shaded with the bordering color of a color wheel always looks good. Like red that is orange and violet these schemes are known as analogous schemes.

Rule Number 3 - Opposites Attract:
Each color has a normal match on the opposite side color of the color wheel. Like red and green together looks good. These schemes are known as complementary color schemes. Warm / deep colors have cool color match while cool/ pastel colors have warm/deep color match.

Color Facts:

Cool or Warm: Each color in this world has some temperature they are either warm or cool. Like from the red/yellow on the wheel are warm colors and from blue to violet side are cool colors.

Bright or Quiet: Finally colors have strength, intensity and power. High intensity colors are bright, pure, and brilliant. Low intensity colors are dull, serious and quiet.

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