What Are The Best Type Of Document Design, Layout, Presentation Template, Font, Colors, And Graphics For A Business Presentation?


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About business Presentation Lets start with your dressing

For ladies:
  • Wear nice and formal dress normally black and brown shades are preferred.
  • Don't wear shiny or attractive jewelery wear elegant and small one.
  • Try not to wear casual shoes. Shoes should have heel but high heals are not considered good.

  • Wear Dress pents with a tie. Usually black, brown and blue colors are preferred.
  • Wear black or brown shoes.

Now about the presentation Slides

  • Choose a decent template as it is a business presentation try not to use flashy and striking colors like yellow, orange, magenta and so on.
  • The text should be large enough so that the every one can see the text easily.
  • Try to put graphs on the slides. Because it is easy to explain the graphs then to explain in words.
  • Don't stuff your slides with text. Only write those points which you can justify. Because people usually ask questions related to the text mentioned in the slides.
  • It is good to give handouts to the audience before starting the presentation so that they know what will be the structure of the presentation.
  • If you want to entertain the question at the end of presentation then do mention that in the start.
  • And the end don't forget to thanks every one.
Best of luck buddy.. Hope these tips might help you.

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