What are the essence of drama presentation?


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The essence of a drama presentation depends upon what your presentation is based on. For instance, if it is about a fight scene, the essence of your drama presentation would be conflict. Alternatively, if it is a romance, the essence would be love. It is up to you to decide what the essence will be.

If you have already been told what your drama presentation should be based on, you should make this the essence and inspiration, whilst ensuring your presentation is original and unique. Below is a quick guide that can be used to create a great drama presentation.

  • Develop your idea
The first thing you and your fellow actors must do is come up with an idea. This idea should outline roughly what your drama presentation will consist of, and you should decide who will do what - make sure everyone gets involved. Ensure your idea is original, exciting and doable. You should have easy access to any props.

  • Try it out
Next, you should perform some basic run-throughs to create your presentation. This will show you how your idea plays out in reality - you will probably have to make changes to your original plan.

  • Practice, practice, practice
Once you know what you are doing and have an end result to aim for, it's time to practice. Arrange some short rehearsals in the run up to your final performance, so actors have the opportunity to learn lines. Make sure all members of your ensemble have the routine fully memorized and try to make your performance flow.

  • The final presentation
In the final presentation of your drama piece, you should forget your nerves and perform to your maximum potential. Make sure you face the audience at all times, and speak your lines clearly. Hopefully, your performance will be successful and you will be rewarded with a round of applause!

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