What Are The 5 Characteristics Of Drama?


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The 5 characteristics of drama are:

  • Idea/Plot
  • Characters
  • Language
  • Music
  • Performance
All the above are aspects that can be found in pretty much any dramatic performance.

What are the characteristics of drama?
In truth, the answer to this question is quite subjective. People interpret drama in different ways, and what are considered the 'key elements' of the medium may vary, depending on whether you're in the audience or actually part of the cast.

Another way to describe the characteristics of drama would be to look at it in terms of the steps that a production needs to go through between inception through to being performed in front of a live audience.

In this context, the following could all be seen as characteristics of dramatic performances:

  • script/text/scenario/plan
  • the process
  • the product
  • the audience
These four points are key - remove any one of them, and you won't have a fully-functioning dramatic production!

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