What Are The Best Colors To Use For A Powerpoint Presentation?


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Anything that doesn't detract from the information you are trying to present on the slides.  A rule of thumb is to keep the colours simple and the layout clean.  Also try to take into consideration of the issue of using colours that won't confuse colour blinded people.  So a combination of colours and shapes is probably the best for clarifying information.  It is important to present information and combine colours depending on the type of audience and style of presentation, so if you don't know these things, it would be a good idea to find out.
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Choosing the right color is very important while giving powerpoint presentation as it determines the quality and effectiveness of the content's reach to the audience and hence the success of the presentation .Consider color and texture for backgrounds.Anything that needs the audience's attention can be highlighted using bright colors.Make sure to maintain a balance between professionalism and attractiveness when it comes to business requirements.To help the color blind people, it's a good idea to limit the use of red and green to high contrast color combinations.

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The best colors for PowerPoint presentations are those which ideally described theme of your presentation.
Naturally History of Holocaust presentation will be looks idiotic in light pink colors palette as and Tales of Unicorn presentation in dark gray or brown palette.

The best way to find the perfect combination color/theme is to find your theme on PowerPoint templates sites. And search around there and to pick up appropriative color and picture.


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This is a difficult question that requires careful thought. Therefore, I decided not to waste my time and use a suitable option among presentation templates . Here you can find a huge collection on any topic! For the convenience of searching, the templates are systematized according to thematic sections.

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You can use beautiful backgrounds for powerpoint presentation... Its very simply... just gooogle them
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The layout of any powerpoint presentation depends on two things: Who are you presenting to and what place are you presenting it in.
If your presentation is for young children or teens, you might use bright colors like fuchsia and yellow. Any color that grabs the audience's attention would do. However, if you are giving a presentation in your office, bright colors might actually be discouraged as they are considered too frivolous. People you want to impress and convince might think that you are not serious enough. About college, it depends on what your presentation is about. If you have to give one on, say, Nepalese culture, you might want to use rich colors like maroon and reds to promote the richness of the culture. If it is about an economic appraisal of a certain industry, you would need to tone your presentation down. That was about it about appealing to your audiences' senses. Now, let's look at the other criterion.
The colors you use (and this should take precedence over making a beautiful presentation) need to be such that the words on each slide are clearly visible. This depends on the amount of light in the place where you are presenting and on the resolution of the powerpoint projector. Visit the place once before you design your presentation. If there is a lot of light in the room, even after drawing the blinds, you should really avoid whites and other pale colors for your text because then they would not be clearly visible.
In all cases, avoid using red or dark blue font on black background because I always find it the least legible. Besides color, make sure that your slides are not overcrowded or the font is not too small. These also aid better understanding by your audience. Remember that if your presentation is difficult to read, people may spend more time trying to figure the words out rather than listening to you. And that, my friend, you do not want!

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