What are the best colors to use on the web (in webdesign) and why is Facebook Blue?


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'Why is Facebook blue?' is, to me, an over-asked question in the web design community.

Blue is meant to be a strong, honest and trustworthy color - so trustworthy that people don't think twice about sharing their personal data with a network that employs this color scheme I guess!

What do colors mean in web design?

While it's true that color theory and the psychology and emotions that people associate with colors is fascinating and highly relevant, I'd also ask you to look at this well-known graphic and tell me whether any of the brands pictured below trigger the emotions in you that this color guide says they do.

My theory is that color can play a part, but overall marketing, branding, PR, and advertising will drown any psychological color voodoo out.

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wow i have realised that all the popular social networks are themed blue , facebook , twitter , myspace even blurtit , i dont know actually i think it is because blue is a nice calm colour and i think a colour that isnt too bright or light is a good web colour , like purple , grey etc.

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I think light colours are good for web sites because people wants light colour for there eyes because light colour makes happy to your eyes compare to dark colour.

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Well, basically it depends on what you need these colours for. I mean, what's your website about? The blue colour on Facebook plays its role but it doesn't mean it will be a decent decision for other sites and even for other social media. Tell you what, read this blog about website design and trends. You'll definitely understand many things about design.

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