How Color Wheel Helps In Selecting The Color Combinations For Clothes?


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A color wheel is a visual technique for presenting relationships among different colors. On color wheel colors are made by mixing colors with one another. On the color wheel the colors which are on the right side of the wheel usually known as warm and colors which are on the left side of the wheel are usually known as cool colors. Colors next to one another are similar and opposite colors are inversely propositional.

Here are some tips for choosing color combinations for the clothes.

• Cool / calm colors are good for close view and warm colors are good for more impressive exhibits.

• In summer cool colors look good to the eye as it reflect light.

• In winter dark or warm color look good to the eye as they absorb warm and light.

• Wearing warm colored clothes in warm season will seems hotter. So try to wear cool colors like light blue, green, yellow, purple, pink, white, pastel colors and so on.

• Similarly cool or light colors in cold season will make others feel cooler. So try to wear warm colors like brown, navy blue, bark green, maroon, black, grey, and so on.

• Be careful with the cool and warm color combinations with respect to season.

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