What Colour Is A Happy Colour?


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Yellow is arguably the most common colour associated with happiness as its bright hues induce a sense of joy and laughter.

Colours are powerful in the sense that they can affect your mood and they are usually associated with certain emotions. However, the meaning of colour is also subjective, so one person may find a certain colour warm and comfortable whereas another might find it harsh and cold. This is true in terms of different shades and hues of a colour, as it can evoke very different feelings. Red is a colour generally related to excitement and danger and it gives the impression of a heart beating fast. In terms of using this colour in a household, you may argue that a red living room may induce liveliness and conversation whereas in a bedroom it may not feel comfortable enough for you to sleep in due to its vibrancy.

Blue is generally known as a very calming colour as most would relate this colour to the wide open sky and the sea which create a sense of relaxation. However, a dark hue of blue tends to relate to sadness. Green on the other hand is a very comforting colour as it represents nature and warmth and it is generally used in kitchens. A bold colour such as purple radiates sophistication and self-worth whereas a lighter hue of purple such as lavender create a more relaxing atmosphere.
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Well, it totally depends on you. It is scientific though, according to certain colour therapists certain colours can generate emotion and trigger feeling of happiness, sadness or anxiety within us. A lot of colours like blue, orange, brown magenta are known to be sad colours where as colours like red and yellow are usually used in therapies to heal patients and trigger the feeling of happiness with them. I do not believe so, any colour that makes you smile and sooths your mood could be a happy colour. Like my happy colour is pink and purple. I love the two and they make me happy.
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Colours such as yellow, orange etc.. Any bright exciting colour could be considered happy really
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Red color is considered color of energy and happiness.
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My happy colour is the orangey yellow colour..ive always been told that red is meant to be angry, green jealousy and maybe sickness (Although it is one of my favourite colours)  and blue cold (in a bedroom) but angain it all depends on the shade...apparently there can never be an actual pure white...we might have to wait for it...a rainbow looks quite happy.
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Black and white photography evokes much more emotion, I find. More often than not, I find black and white unhappy as it reminds me of the past, and how I can't return to joyful days gone by.
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I think its white !!
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I'm doing a project on how black and white photography vs. Coloured photography effects the mood. Do you guys find that coloured photography makes you happier than black and white photography?

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