Can A Colour Make You Happy?


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Colour therapy is very real. It has been scientifically studied and established that colour and emotions are linked. These are most likely caused by associations with memories of these colours, for example, a childhood bedroom painted in that colour. In the same way, a frightening or unpleasant association could cause a particular colour to trigger a similar emotion. Of course there will be personal preferences and cultural differences but overall these are the key connections -
*the happiest colour is yellow, probably because it evokes thoughts of the sun, sunshine and sunny days in general
*red is the colour of passion, especially anger. it is classified as a `hot' colour
*blue brings on a feeling of calm and serenity, again related to
the sky and happy days
*pink is associated with love and romance, femininity and prettiness. It is the `heart' colour.
*black/grey are generally considered to be `dark' colours relating to death, sadness and depression
These standard meanings are not usually affected by fashion, for instance, black is the universal colour of classic style regardless of any emotions associated with the colour. We tend to wear colours however that suit our mood on that day. House decor is also a key indicator and creator of feelings within the home that can actually affect relationships.
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Colour therapy is a new age therapy, which states that certain colours, for example, red, should be avoided if you want to relax and chillout, since red stimulates you and thus will not have a calming effect. However, it depends on which culture you come from as to which colours may cause you to be happy.
If you are from China, then you are more likely to think that red is the colour of happiness and luck and so embrace it, rather than think of it as an angry and forceful colour.
In the West brides usually wear white or near white dresses, whereas for the Chinese, white is the colour of mourning.
Green, in the West is often associated with being a calming colour, but some other cultures regard green as very unlucky.
So, no one colour makes people happy, it depends on cultural tastes and preferences, rather than on the colour itself.

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