What Is The Colour Of A Fawn?


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Fawn is a young deer. The colour of the coat of this deer is generally referred to as fawn colour and it is generally light yellowish brown. But, it can occur in various shades. It is considered as a mixture of white lead, stone-ochre and some vermillion. The shades can be pale fawn and dark deer-red and the colours that range between these two. The best fawn colour is the one in between dark deer-red and pale fawn. The fawn colour varies according to different standards. According to American Standards, fawn occurs in between gradations of light tan to mahogany.

According to the Canadian Standard, fawn colour occurs as light tan, stag red and mahogany. According to English standards, it oscillates between light fawn to dark red fawn. According to Australian standard, its variation is similar to the one universally accepted which ranges from dark deer red to light yellow.

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