Summary on a thing of beauty by john keats?


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If you are looking for a summary on "A Thing of Beauty" by John Keats, then you will need to research the poem in one of the ways mentioned in this answer. Poetry can be said to be interpreted how you want it to be, as music lyrics are, so there isn't really a set definition to the poem, unless it has been laid down by John Keats himself, given that he was the creator. To find a summary that has presumably been thought up by someone else, however, you can:

  • Search online

There will be many websites that allow you to both read and read about the poem. Many websites allow you to analyze poems through the form of a forum, allowing people from all walks of life to comment on what a poem means to them. This allows people to get fresh new outlooks on poems as they pass through the ages and life modernizes with time. The best poems are those that can stand the test of time and still have relevance today.

  • Read the poem yourself

If you read the poem, you will be able to make your own opinions of its meanings. With English, it doesn't really matter what you believe the piece to be about, as long as you are completely able to back up your points and make them appear valid. This shows the flexibility of English and portrays how it can be enjoyed by absolutely anybody, as long as they possess the ability to form their own opinions.

  • Ask your tutor

Presumably, the question is in reference to a question that you have been given at school. If you are struggling with interpreting a poem, it is always best to consult your teacher, as they will be able to help you learn the initial meaning of the poem and help you better your skills and confidence at defining poems in your own opinions.

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