Who Is John Keats?


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John Keats is an English poet who is well known for his contributions to the literary canon.

He was born on Halloween in 1795, and was a major influence of English literature and poetry of the 19th century.

Who is John Keats?

Keats was part of a literary movement known as Romanticism. His contemporaries included Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and William Wordsworth.

The Romantic movement that Keats was involved in was significant in both a literary and social dimension.

Poetry and literature of the time was concerned with the industrialization of Britain, the rise of big cities and the political and social decay that accompanied this transition.

The Romantic poet John Keats

Keats was not as involved with the social and political aspects of literature and, at the time, his contemporaries probably enjoyed more success.

Keats only really came to prominence four years before his death, although his mark on the literary canon is respected to this day.

Keats died at the young age of 25 from Tuberculosis. He had traveled to Rome on doctor's orders, thinking that the hot weather might be better for his lungs than the changeable British climate.

Some of his most haunting poetry was written in his lodgings in Rome.
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Keats was a great poet of English literature who died in his youth.

Keats was a romantic poet, but he was different from his contemporaries:
He was neither an egotist like Wordsworth nor an atheist like Shelley and not even a satirist like Byron. All these romantic poets were much influenced by the political upheaval and social decay of the time.
Keats had no interest in the future of mankind. He was not worried about the reformation of society. He accepted life as it was.

He knew that " the world is full of misery and heartbreak, pain, sickness and oppression".
But he did not try to seek refuge in any imaginative world.

He declared beauty his religion and accepted grief as the natural outcome of beauty. He knew that pain is an integral part of pleasure.

Keats was also a sensuous poet: His poetry is a fine blend of colours, perfumes, tastes and sounds. He uses metaphors, the figure of personification, alliteration and assonance to enhance the beauty of the beautiful objects in his poetry.
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John Keats was a romantic poet.
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Writer of English poems.

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