What is the examples of afro-asian drama?


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Afro-asian literature is quite rare, but it can be defined as a fusion of African and Asian cultural and literary styles. Likewise, drama of this style will utilize elements of both cultures to move audiences and to entertain. One example of this type of drama is a play called The Wonderful Pear Tree. In this dramatic tale, a priest, who is penniless, (a la the original Asian Buddha, after he gave away his worldly possessions and wealth) begs for a single piece of fruit, because he is in the habit of giving away anything he accumulates. The priest asks for a pear from a fruit-seller, who is stingy and unwilling to give him one, despite the entreaties of those who are watching. 

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The priest has supernatural powers which are not readily apparent. In time, he does get a ripe pear, and he eats it greedily, devouring the fruit, until all he holds in his hands is a single pear seed. This, he plants, and soon a beautiful, lush pear tree rises up out of the earth - the pear tree is supported by a thick wooden branch that holds up all manner of ripe and delicious fruit. Then, the villagers watch in amazement as the fruit continues to grow and multiply.

  • The fruit seller suffers

The fruit seller, who would not spare a single pear from his wheel barrow, gazes at the miraculous scene, and then checks his own barrow of fruit - it is now empty, and the handle of his little wagon is gone. The fruit-seller comes to realize that the magical priest has used the barrow handle for the base of the magic tree.

To read more Afro-American drama, or to experience it live on the stage, consider visiting a library or a cultural festival in your area. The best plays will feature vibrant characters, exciting sets, costumes, and makeup, and some elements of traditional music and dance.

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