What Is The History And Origin Of Drama?


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The word drama itself is Greek, based on the word for "to do," and the earliest known performances were in ancient Greece, going back to at least the 5th century BC. Most peoples have some tradition of public performance, but the theatre is a Greek invention. Some historians think it developed as a way of dramatising ancient religious rituals.

If you click here you can find a brief overview of the early history of drama and the way it developed.
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It originated from the greeks. They origionally used drama and acting to tell stories about the gods. The two faces of drama tragedy and comedy also come from greece I'm unsure of their names but the two faces represented the two Muses. The greeks also used the rule of three when performing, meaning that there could only ever be three people on stage at one time.
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Drama is a form of literature that makes use of fiction represented in Performance. The word Drama is of Greek Origin and means Action.

The origin of the Western Drama comes from Classical Greece. Athens was the hub of culture and literature at that time. This city gave birth to three genres of drama which are satyr play, comedy and tragedy.

Though the exact timings of their origin is unknown. They have been performed since 5th century BCE. At that time there were drama competitions held on the celebrations of the god Dionysus.

You can find detailed information about the origins of Drama at this link.

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Origin and development of drama
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It comes from roman times  it was practised as a form  of art to entertain people.
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I am a university drama student and many believe its shamanism, these were indigenous ppl. They went into trances and acted as the gods/ansestors. The west discovered them and lernt many things from them, including medicine. Anthropologists are very interested in the way they acted.

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