Who Said "Drama Is Life With The Dull Bits Cut Out"?


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'Drama is life with the dull bits cut out,' a quote from the well-known director and producer, Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock. Born in England in 1899, Alfred Hitchcock became known as the 'Master of Suspense'. An excellent story teller, Hitchcock aimed to make his plots 'human' and as close to real life as possible. Hitchcock had the gift of drawing his audience in and allowing them to identify with his characters. He enjoyed studying life around him, cutting out the dull bits and creating a masterpiece. Some of Hitchcock's better-known films include his 1958 motion picture 'Vertigo' and 'The Birds' shot in 1963. By far, his most well known creation must be his 1960 film 'Psycho' and the ever famous shower scene, which in 1998 was remade. Sadly, Alfred Hitchcock died on April 28th 1980 from liver failure and heart problems.

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