Can You Give Me Lots Of Examples Of Afro-asian Literature Stories?


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One Afro-Asian writer is Ngugi wa Thiong'o. His publications include "Dreams in a Time of War", "Something Torn and Something New: An African Renaissance", "Wizard of the Crow" "Decolonizing the Mind", "Devil on the Cross", "Matigari: A Novel", "Petals of Blood", "A Grain of Wheat", "The River Between", "Weep Not Child" and "I Will Marry When I Want". Thiong'o has also written a number of plays for the theater, including "The Black Hermit".

Another notable Afro-Asian writer is Nasra Al Adawi. Her publications include "Within Myself", "Brave Faces: The Daring Stand Against Cancer", and "Collective Thoughts", which is a collection of some of her earliest poems.

Perhaps one of the most influential Afro-Asian writers is Chinua Achebe. Achebe has written a vast number of works, including, "Things Fall Apart," "No Longer at Ease", "Arrow of God", "A Man of the People", "Anthills of the Savannah", "Chike and the River", and has given a number of significant and fascinating lectures, including "An Image of Africa" in which he pronounces Joseph Conrad's novel "Heart of Darkness", and the author himself, as "bloody racist".

Tahar Ben Jelloun is another significant Afro-Asian writer, whose works include "Solitaire", "The Sand Child", "Silent Day in Tangiers", "With Downcast Eyes", "The Fruits of Hard Word", "Racism Explained to My Daughter", "The Blinding Absence of Light", "Leaving Tangier" and "The Rising of the Ashes".

Other significant Afro-Asian writers of novels and other types of literature include:

• Muhammad A Al Mahdi (not to be confused with a significant figure of Islam of the same name)
• Sandra Mushi
• Tichaona Chinyelu
• Susan Abulhawa
• Wole Soyinka
• Mahmoud Darwish

These writers are not only writers of novels. Their works also include poetry, plays and biographical works, as well as non-fiction publications, columns, articles and essays of an educational and professional nature.
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How do afro-asian narratives reveal peoples's belief, attitudes,
self-concepts, philosophy in life and social ethics/standards?
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Afro-Asian Literature is a term for novels or writing such as poems written by people from mixed African-Arab ethnicity, or African-Asian ethnicity. In modern times, a part of world literature, Afro-Asian literature is a separate segment of writing [in English] of experiences in African and Asia to further cultural understanding and world peace.

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