Have You Ever Read The Poem "Footprints In The Sand"?


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I have a Cross-stitch I did about 10 years ago of it, but I gave my pattern away to my aunt... I will see if I can get it to copy for you if you would like...
My dad carries around a small credit card size of the poem in his billfold and keeps it with him at all times. I think they came from Hallmark
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Rachele Grover answered
My mother in law has this poem framed on a wall in her house.  Every time I read it I get the chills.  I really don't know why I do but this keeps me remembering that Jesus is always with me during my trials and tribulations.
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Yep, my mom had a picture with it hanging on the bathroom wall and I read it every day before school.
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And one for me too!! Please!!  this is my favorite poem!! My grandfather gave me a picture famed on when I was a kid and I still have it!!
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My family loves that poem. I have had it on so many things. I have a watch from avon with the foot prints on the face. A candle holder with the poem, the glow of the candle makes the scene so beautiful. Also had a check book cover years ago with it on there. I bet you could do a google search of footprints in the sand and find a multitude of products,

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