How Can I Write Persuasive Letter Information To Customer Of Bank To Aske The Benefits Of Changing To One Of The Higher Interst Bearing Account?


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If you are interested in changing to a higher interest bank account and want to find out the benefits of doing so for your particular circumstances, writing a letter to the bank manager may be able to get you the answers. Make sure that the letter is formal but not too wordy, you need to be clear and concise and say exactly what information you need to know and give as much detail about your current circumstances as you can. Bank managers will receive letters every day so to make sure that yours is one that gets a reply, get straight to the point and try to make it sound as if it is quite urgent that you get a response. You may also be able to guarantee a response by included a stamped, self-addressed envelope. This way the bank manager will not be able to use cost as an excuse to not reply.

Make your letter look professional by heading the letter with your name and address. Ensure that underneath your address you date the letter. This means that should you need to follow the letter up later on, the date you quote it was sent will match up with the one that the bank manager has. Address the bank manager with 'To the Bank Manager' or 'Dear Sir or Madam'. Cut straight to the point and state why you are considering changing to a higher interest bank account. Explain any personal and financial circumstances that may affect the type of account that you can open, this way the manager will be able to send a response that is unique and most beneficial to you. Try to do a little research about the other bank accounts so that you can ask specific questions. This way the bank manager will only need to respond to your questions, rather than give a general overview about the accounts. Make sure to thank the manager and mention that you are looking forward to hearing from him. Sign the letter by hand.

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