How To Write A Letter To Change My Debit Orders?


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You need to advise your bank of the change in the debit orders,as they have to manually remove it from an automated system that continues to debit each month creating foul ups on your bank account that could affect you negatively.
A simple letter stating your name address,in the top right hand corner with the date and your telephone number.

Title the letter change of debit orders, followed by bank account number, branch code and branch. Then, most important the date you want the order stopped by,
followed by companies the debit order is paid to and the codes, which you can get off your bank statement, and the amounts.
You should state your full name and account number again
and sign in full under this.
You need to make a copy for your records and then fax it to your bank manager that way you will have a record of when you advised them. You may need to phone first to find out
the correct number to fax it to.
It is something we all have to do sometime.
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