How Can I Write Letter For Cash Request From Finance Department?


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Assuming that this cash request letter is meant to be a letter to finance departments within the company the applicant is working for, a sample letter can be found here.

  • Request for Finance Letter
A letter requesting financing, or a cash advance letter, though personal, should be treated like any other business letters to finance departments; in other words, it has to look professional.

As such, it should have the name and contact details, as well as the pay roll number, of the applicant at the top, followed by the name of the person to whom the letter will go, the relevant finance department and the company address.

Below this should be a reference, or subject, line, on which the purpose of the letter should be stated. This may look like this:
Subject: Request for Cash Advance and Authorization for Deduction from Salary

  • Main Body of Letter
The main body of the letter should consist of the specific amount requested and, if it is an urgent request, the date by which it is needed; the purpose, or reason, of the request and the authorization to deduct a specific amount of the salary in order to repay the advance.

This should then be followed by a statement confirming that the employee will repay any outstanding balance immediately if employment should be terminated before the full amount is repaid.

Although this is not shown in the sample letter referred to above, it may be a good idea to end the letter by saying thank you for the request being taken into consideration.

Finally, the letter should be signed off with 'Yours sincerely', the signature of the applicant, followed by the applicant's name in print and the date.

The finished letter should then be forwarded to the relevant finance department within the company.
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The Manager Finance/Accountant,

Dear  Sir,

Re: Loan for ...

As I intend to buy - a car - or renovate my house - ( give the reason here) I need an advance/ loan of a sum of $.....  Which may please be recovered from my salary in (10/20 months) in the equal instalments of $ ....

Yours faithfully,

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