How To Write A Letter Request To For Advance Petty Cash?


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Writing a letter to your employer to ask them for a salary advance is relatively easy to do. However the hardest part is coming to terms with how the letter will affect your professional reputation and relationship with your employer. Requesting a salary advance could mean admitting that you have financial problems which is a delicate subject to admit to people who work above you. You should approach this subject with care and be sure to word your later in a professional manner.

  • Step one. The first thing you should do is check with the human resources department at your company to find out the steps that are involved in receiving a salary advance.
  • Step two. Try out other sources for a short term loan to see if there is any way that you can avoid getting a salary advance.
  • Step three. If there are no other options then you should begin to write your advancement letter. It should be no longer than a few paragraphs. Start off by explaining the financial hardships that you are experiencing. Make sure that your explanation is completely honest, don't leave out any important details and be sure that the reason why you are asking for this loan is crystal clear to anyone reading it. In this section, you should also mention the amount of money that you wish to receive and by what date.
  • Step four. The next paragraph of your letter should explain that your financial hardship is a one off and that you do not expect to receive anymore salary advances in the future. You should also make it clear to your employer that you tried other sources to raise the money before resorting to this letter.
  • Step five. Finish off your letter by asking your employer for a meeting to discuss the salary advance in more detail. Your letter should be professionally typed and presented, with no spelling or grammatical errors and sent to your human resources department.

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