Can someone help me write a letter for donations/financial support to attend a school sport event?


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Janell Lynn answered
Are you wanting to attend the event as a sports fan or a player ? I guess it does not matter either way. Forget the letter. If you want to write a letter just asking people for money, they will most likely not donate. Instead sell candy bars. That always works. You buy candy bars at the nice cheap store price, then sell each one for a dollar. Everyone is always happy to purchase a candy bar to help kids with any school-related activity. Plus they get something in return. Selling candy bars is huge in my city. And you can get your parents to bring a boxful of the candy bars to work with them, with a big note on it telling that you are raising money for your school event (whatever it is). Your parents or other family members are usually happy to run around at work selling candy bars. Heck, I just bought 2 big Hershey bars yesterday! The mother was selling them where I work, and it was for her kid having something to do with cheerleading I think. Oh yeah, get the full-size candy bars...not the miniatures.

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